Leadership Institute of Kenya


  • Certificate in Leadership Development 
  • Diploma in Leadership Development 
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Leadership Development

Consultancy Services

  • Design and structure strategic plan, monitor and evaluate; 
  • Training and developing leaders for modern technological advancements; 
  • Projects writing, implementation and evaluation; 
  • Mentoring, coaching and modeling in leadership

Training & Seminars

  • Certificate in Leadership Development; 
  • Diploma in Leadership Development; 
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Leadership Development; 
  • Family Success Seminars; 
  • Youth Empowerment seminars

Short Courses

  • Stirring and exposing Leadership skills, talents and abilities; 
  • Improving leadership Competencies; 
  • Building Peace;
  • Laying foundations of Leadership Profession; 
  • Introducing Leaders of Leaders forum/Concept
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